As a result otx hunger initiativef our March Semi-Annual Meeting’s presentation about hunger in Texas, the ABA has decided to become an access point to connect individuals in need to the resources available through the Texas Hunger Initiative. At this meeting we learned that 18% of households in Texas experience food insecurity, and that there are almost $6 billion of federal funds designated for hunger relief that go unused annually! So, we’re doing our part to insure that that money is used to lessen food insecurity in the Greater Austin area.

As an access point for the Community Partner Program, we will simply have a computer set up in our offices- with a volunteer “Navigator” nearby- that people can use to sign up for food assistance and other benefits. This is a great way to connect with and serve our communities. If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer Navigator, or learning more about taking this to your church, please contact We are projecting to have a lunch training scheduled in April at the ABA office. Date TBD.