acteens panel

National WMU named four panelists to serve as missions influencers on the 2016 National Acteens Panel, one of whom is Hyde Park Baptist’s own Hannah Hutton! Hannah has been involved in Acteens for several years and expressed that it has been refreshing to her, and has inspired her to involve herself in missions for her whole life.

The national panelists will have many special opportunities- including writing for The Mag (the Acteens Missions Magazine) and the Acteens website; as well as speaking at churches, associational, and state meetings. How exciting to see the next generation rising up to share the Gospel and serve!

Do you know someone who you think could qualify as a panelist for 2017? Applications for the 2017 National Acteens Panel are available at and in the fall issue of Acteens Leader. All applications must be submitted to National WMU by Nov. 1, 2016.