The ABA will assist Great Commission churches in their Great Commandment work. The ABA serves to network community-wide efforts to reach all people groups with the Gospel through relevant accessible resources.

The ABA Leadership Team constantly discusses how ABA churches can best be equipped. The results of these discussions has recently provided monthly meeting topics that include:

  • Presentation on financial issues by Dr. Kay Guess
  • Discussion on “Being Missional” led by Kim Edlund
  • Presentation on deacon ministry by Dr. Stephen Washburn

The ABA Leadership Team also encouraged pastors to join them at the Pastors’ Prayer Summit in January and the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit in August.

Other possible discussions/topicsw the ABA may soon present include discussions on social justice (homelessness, adoption, etc.) and “best practices” conversations about church events such as baptism, communion, advent, revival and evangelism as well as outreach. The ABA desires for all of the member churches to be a part of these discussions.

The ABA desires to provide relevant discussions and topics to equip churches to move their ministry forward.